why study?

Some people now a days, study because their parents forced them to do. In other words, they study without purpose. Even few of my friends in high school study because their mom wants them to go to good colleges. However, then what? Many don’t realize what they are really passionate about until they attend colleges. Fortunately, there is an increase in number of people who select colleges that will help their development. In other words, many people started to realize what they really want to do after the graduation in college. However, there are still some people who study without motivation or justification. Therefore, I believe that it is vital for some people to quickly find what they are really passionate about and commence their way to become what kind of person they want to be in future.

Before choosing for college, one should consider in what areas one has talent in. For instance, looking for the areas that one is interested and spending most of the times on it can be suitable for selecting colleges. In addition, it can be also helpful if one gets advice from people around him/her. Compliment can be an example. If one gets compliments in an area, just think whether that area fits for one’s future.

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