HISTORY is written by…

Do you believe everything that is written on your hisotry textbook? Although, every single information and dates might seem accurate, but in reality they are not. Even though other internet cites might also seem reliable sources, they are even less precise compared to our history textbook. I consider or coincide the fact that history is written by the winners. Moreover, I also view that some historians are unfair or biased while writing or researching because sometimes, there are some possibilities that they might include their personal feelings and feelings that are interrupted by other people’s point of view. Also, most importantly, in the pat it seems obvious that the winners were able to control and have dominant force to rule people and things. If they disliked it, then they could have just altered the areas they conquered or even changed their names. Since these evidence is not visible, nor there are no clear evidence that the information in our history textbook is accurate, we can at last consider that history is always written by the winners. In conclusion, as far as I am concerned, one should not rely on every sources that might have related to your evidence.

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