Time Management!!!!

As a 9th grader, I began to realize the importance of Time Management. According to my own experiences, managing your time well can improve your life style and even the way you live. In other words, time management not only enhances your habits of managing, but also alters you as a person. The way you think to use your time can result positively or negatively.

These days and prior to these days, there are so many people who try to do their homework or the assignment at the very last minute. I was not an exception. I had a habit of doing homework or even the project the day before, especially late at night. Although I now fixed my habits, there are still numerous people who are unwilling to complete their tasks until the last minute. Now, many people around me start to realize the essential part of how to manage your time takes a huge part in their lives. However, allotting is an another crucial obstacle.

Realization of how time management is an integral part of our lives is the beginning of leading our lives to success. There are countless people who writes down what to do and even note the time they should begin and finish. Nevertheless, the habit of following this schedule only lasts for a week or two. Thus, this method is not really beneficial to people who just became aware of managing their time. In other words, rather than spending time writing what time you will start and finish, having determination and motivation to finish the materials assigned is more vital.

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