Coffee: Good or Bad?

Coffee: Good or Bad?

If you walk in the street, there are at least 3 out of 6 people holding coffee cups in their hand. Some people say that drinking coffee is extremely bad for your health, especially at an early age. In my opinion, drinking coffee is like a drug. It stimulates your central nervous system which can later result in mood and behavior change. Although many people disagrees with drinking coffee , they still drink coffee at least one time in a day. Now a days, many people drink coffee like a daily routine. Moreover, many people tend to mix coffee with other ingredients as well. The combination of coffee with milk, cream or sugar can increase the cholesterol level. In other words, consuming coffee in great amounts can result in high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Although drinking coffee might be a crucial part of your life in order to socialize, you should definitely not forget that it might ruin your life afterwards.


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