ToUcH PhOnEs

Today, there are at least six out of ten people who use touch phones. Look around you! How do you feel when you don’t possess a touch phone but you see majority of the surrounding people using those phones. Jealous? Yes. Nowadays, if you don’t own a smart phone or a touch phone, you don’t really seem like you own a phone. However, there are many disadvantages using these magical, yet problematic phones.


These wonderful phones might provide you a strong confidence, but also bring you with a remorseful consequences. Customers frequently complain about the touch quality. Many times, touch phones tend to freeze and erase some of the datas in the phone. Furthermore, when you accidentally drop the phone, the screen tends to shatter inside. This seriously make the customers despondent and lose trust on these phones. Since they will lose great amount of money just because they dropped once, it is better to make a wise choice before purchasing 1000$ items.


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