The heat so peaked tonight

the moon can’t cool

a scum-mucked swimming

pool, or breeze

emerge to lift the frowsy

ruff of owls too hot

to hoot, (the mouse and brown

barn rat astute

enough to know to drop

and dash) while

on the bunched up,

corkscrewed sheets of cots

and slumped brass beds,

the fitful twist

and kink and plead to dream

a dream of air

as bitter cruel as winter

gale that scrapes and blows

and gusts the grate

to luff

the whitened ashes from the coal.



I personally really liked this poem because it reminded me when I caught a fever. The detailed explanation of the moment is clearly explained. For instance, in stanza one and two, I really liked how the author illustrates the time he spent surrounded by heat and blowing his nose. Basically, I think most of the poem depicts imagery. Also, the author uses metaphor to compare his feelings to the weather of winter in stanza 9.

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