A World Without Gravity

Many people are so used to gravity that they don’t notice what role the gravity plays in their lives. Has anyone stopped to think about a world without gravity? Gravity is a force of attraction between objects that is due to their masses. If there is no gravitational force between objects, we will have to live a limited life.

Without gravity, carrying out our daily living would be very difficult. In other words, we would float like helium balloons. For example, unless one doesn’t tie oneself up to something every night, one will be floating around its room bumping everywhere. Moreover, there will be more complicated and irritating eating condition without gravity. One might starve to death during its meal because there is no gravitational pull. Every single drop of water will be flowing around the room if one is aspiring for water. Accompanied by gravity, all forces act on objects. Therefore, we build our muscle by fighting against the force on objects. However without gravity, we will have no more muscle building. This will be a serious problem for us, because then, we will have no power to fight against those forces that act toward us.

Life as we know will terminate without gravity. The entire earth will rip apart, the atmosphere would disappear, and there would be an instantaneous death for all life forms. These can be the most alarming and terrifying consequences if there is no gravity on earth.

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