How to make DuKbOkKi?

Dukbokki, commonly called as street food or Korean Spicy Rice Cakes, is a Korean dish where many Koreans like to enjoy as a snack. I personally love dukbokki and strongly recommend this dish to many people.

So! These are the ingredients for making dukbokki

1 bowl of rice cake
4 cups of water
2 Tsp of sugar
2 Tsp of soy bean sauce
2 Tsp of red hot chili paste
1 Tsp of sliced garlic
2 scallions, chopped

First put the rice cake in water for 15 minutes and soften it

Then, put a cold water in a pot. Add sugar, soy bean sauce, red hot chili paste and garlic.

Boil for about 5~6 minutes

Lastly, add chopped scallions and continue to boil for about 2~3 minutes.


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