Smart Phones

These days, there are numerous people with smart phones. In Korea, nearly 5 out of 10 people has smart phones. Despite the extremely expensive cost, why do so many people purchase smart phones? I believe the answer is hidden in the popularity of smart phones. Through television, newspaper, and magazine advertisements, smart phone companies has achieved countless benefits. When it were first introduced, there were only two to three different kinds. After all the bunch of advertisements were shown, people started to have an idea that the only phone we should purchase is a smart phone! As a result, the number of different kinds of smart phones increased to nearly 20.

Why smart phones? To me, they are just phones trying to turn people into a slug. Since there are more than 40 applications including games, subway map, and even a navigation, we people no longer have to carry around things little by little. Although there is an advantage of having everything in a one small device, this device will result in devastating consequences. We, human beings, will be so used to these technologies that we will even talk to each other through a machine when we are right beside each other.

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