Drink water!

Many people these days tend to drink beverages instead of water. Although some may argue that drinking soda is extremely delicious, I want to notify you that drinking soda and other delicious beverages might extremely affect your body internally.

There are numerous reasons why a human being should drink water instead of other delicious drinks. Most importantly, water helps to maintain your body healthy by increasing metabolism and regulating appetite. Moreover, water extremely helps you to increase your energy levels and prevents risks of various cancer. In addition, water helps you to prevent headaches and moisturizes your skin.

Drinking water is an INCREDIBLY important aspect of our DAILY LIVES. Your body contains about 60~70% of water. Your blood has mostly water and same goes with your muscles, lungs, etc. Your body NEEDS water to regulate your body temperature. Therefore, I totally believe that providing your body with nutrients by drinking water is extremely ESSENTIAL~:)

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